We can only solve problems

By finding solutions together

Deeply consider this question —

Do you believe that one day we will settle on Mars?
We do too.
Do you believe that one day we’ll solve society’s social problems?
We do. But, only if we work together.


Volunteering is easy! We want our volunteers to delve into the work with us. We are committed to ensuring that our volunteers get the most our of their donation of service and time.

Building Connections

Become a doer, connector or planner for What’s Next Washington!

Doers do! They accomplish tasks quickly and move to the next one. They thrive on getting things done and building momentum.

Connectors connect! They provide us with introductions to potential donors, supporters, sponsors and volunteers. They champion WNW within their personal and business networks, and promote our work on social media.

Planners plan! They help us with strategic thinking and idea generation. They enjoy problem solving and organizational development.

Contributing to WNW

WNW is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible.

We accept contributions of cash, in-kind donations, and stock. Please email us at info@alexm154.sg-host.com if you wish to make a non-cash donation.

All donations made through our PayPal Giving Fund Page are without fees or costs to WNW.

Send checks to:

What’s Next Washington
300 E. Pine St
Suite 213
Seattle, WA 98122