Do You want an inclusive workforce?

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The Partnering for an Inclusive
Workforce Project (PIWP)

is designed to help employers tap into a labor pool ready to work—people with conviction histories. Developed by those directly impacted, the PIWP helps employers recruit, hire, and retain FIT™ (Formerly Incarcerated Talent)
to meet their hiring goals.

What prevents me from hiring FIT™?

  • Bias and Fear
  • Inexperience interviewing FIT™
  • Regulatory barriers
  • Insurance restrictions
  • Negligent hiring laws
  • Third-party client policies

How would the PIWP help me?

  • Access high-quality talent
  • Overcome bias and fear through WNW trainings
  • Improve recruiting, hiring, and retention through use of WNW’s assessment tools
  • Develop connections with wrap-around service providers

What do I need from WNW to make the change?

  • Information on the business case for hiring people with conviction histories
  • Help with organizational culture change
  • Help with developing a strategic plan for onboarding FIT™
  • Help with removing regulatory hiring barriers

Consulting Services


  • Get FIT™ Guide
  • Contextualized background checks – ask us how!
  • Accommodation Assessment Tool
  • Internal / External Policy Review
  • Job Announcement and Job Category Review

Trainings (Presentations / Workshops)

  • Bias
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Technical Assistance

Sourcing Talent

  • Talent Pipeline
  • Job Development Projects
  • Wrap-around Services (as necessary)

Policy Change

  • Repeal or amend licensing restrictions
  • Repeal or amend regulatory restrictions
  • Help with reform of third-party hiring restrictions

Employers can choose one or more of these options.

We are happy to customize a proposal to meet your needs.

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