Imagine surviving incarceration

or addiction or mental illness or homelessness

Do we believe people can move on and thrive?

Lack of identification and labeling keeps people at a distance, on the margins, and locked out of opportunities – opportunities most of us take for granted.

Despite the odds, millions of us have rebuilt our lives and moved on.

We seek to dispel the shame and stigma, and explore solutions that open doors to better lives for everyone. No one should be punished or marginalized forever.

A Panel Presentation

Designed to Build Empathy

The event includes audience participation aimed at exploring how bias and stigma – even unintentional prejudice, generates barriers to full participation in society.

We address the impact of staying quiet about the struggles of mental illness, incarceration, addiction, and/or homelessness. Silence maintains the status-quo and the fiction that people don’t overcome their struggles.

“I so appreciated your participation in the Compassionate Leadership Summit. Your What’s Next Washington session on Friday was the highlight of the whole summit.”

Schedule a panel and/or workshop

What’s Next Washington hosts our panel discussions and workshops at universities, corporations, summits, conventions, and venues of all types. We tailor each presentation to accommodate specific needs, including educational and corporate diversity and anti-bias development outcomes. We will work with you to design a presentation that meets your needs.